1 IN FRONT OF in front of someone or something by a short distance: He kept his gaze fixed on the car ahead.
(+ of): Tim pointed to a tree ahead of them. | up ahead: We could see the lights of Las Vegas up ahead.27.
2 FORWARD if someone or something moves, looks ahead etc, they move or look towards a place in front of them: Let Tom walk ahead, he knows the way.
(+ of): One of the group stepped ahead of the others to look at the sign. | straight ahead: He's just staring straight ahead in a complete daze.
3 BEFORE SB ELSE arriving, waiting, finishing etc before other people
(+ of): There were four people ahead of me at the doctor's.
4 BEFORE AN EVENT AmE before an event happens: You can prepare these salads ahead. | ahead of time: Can you tell me ahead of time if you're coming?
5 FUTURE in the future: Rest now because you have a long journey ahead of you. | lie ahead: We should try to predict the type of problems that may lie ahead. | the years/days/months etc ahead: The decisions you make in the days ahead are going to affect your whole future. | plan ahead (=plan for the future)
6 ahead of time/schedule etc earlier than planned or arranged: We might finish the project ahead of schedule.
7 WINNING winning in a competition or election: Milligan's three-pointer puts them ahead by one.
8 go ahead spoken used to tell someone they can do something: "Can I have the sports section?" "Yeah, go ahead, I've read it."
9 ADVANCED ideas, achievements etc that are ahead of others, have made more progress or are more developed: VEMCO was years ahead of us in their research. | be ahead of its time (=so new that people do not understand or like it): Her educational theories were way ahead of their time
10 get ahead to make progress and be successful in your job, education etc: Getting ahead at work is the most important thing to her at the moment.
11 go ahead (with sth) to start doing something: Frank'll be late but we'll go ahead with the meeting anyway.
-see also: go-ahead 1
12 get/keep ahead (of the game) AmE informal to get into or be in a position where you are in control of something, so that it is easier to deal with: I find it hard to keep ahead of the housework.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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